Your Leader in Geothermal Loop Installations


Why Choose Us?


  1. Lead Time We offer short lead times giving you greater flexibility when scheduling with your customer. Special consideration will be given to the replacement market.
  1. Reliability We will be there as scheduled. We understand that your customer deserves delivery on the promises that you make.  If we tell you we will be there at 10:00 on Tuesday, we will be there at 10:00 on Tuesday.
  1. Communication You will have 24 hour access to the Manager, Loop Coordinator, and Sales Representative to handle any question or concern that you may encounter.
  1. Equipment We use only the most up to date and reliable machinery to insure that there are no surprises on the job site that could cause a delay in your installation.
  1. Professional Staff From the Manager to the Loop roller to the Office staff, all of the people at Earth Link have received specialized training and are willing and able to help with any questions or concerns. If you stump us, we have extensive resources that we can tap including the Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium.
  1. IGSHPA The “Lead Man” on your jobsite will be IGSHPA certified. We feel that training and testing are a large part of the success of our partnerships with HVAC contractors.
  1. Insured Though we have never filed a claim, we carry liability insurance to add an additional level of security for you.
  1. Warranty We provide a 10 year parts and labor warranty on the underground portion of the earth loop, and a two year parts and labor warranty on the foundation penetration seal and flushing.
  1. Support We will be there to offer support after the sale. We do not have “one night stands”.  We believe in building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers.
  1. Experience We have done hundreds of loops for customers. We have the experience to make sure that you and your customer are happy with the loop.